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Suzanne on life:

If you could be a fly on the wall in anyone’s house, who would it be? The Queen.

If you had to be stuck in a lift with someone who would it be? Robbie Williams.

If you could interview anyone who would it be and what would you ask them? God that’s really difficult; I’d ask Madonna if she ever just veggies out and eats chocolate all day.

What would your dream holiday be? To travel around America in a Mustang.

Do you ware marigolds when washing up? Nope naked hands!

Suzanne on her school days: 

What was your favourite subject at school? PE, English, Drama and Music. 

What were your worst subjects? Maths and Science.

Did you fancy any of your teachers? I had a crush on my PE teacher, Mr Stewart.

Did school or university ever appeal to you? Nope! I couldn’t do things academically and decided that performing was my future so worked hard at it. I’ve never wanted anything else, never thought about anything else apart from being a performer. I’ve still got a lot to prove and a lot of things to do. I want to be myself and do it my own way in my own time.

Suzanne on the Popstars auditions:


How did you feel when you heard you had won? I was just thinking about the music and the fame and how I was going to cope. Until I walked through that airport (at the hear’say reveal), I had no idea how big the whole thing had got.

What was the most emotional moment? Watching the show where we were told if we were in or not. It was such a happy time for us but so sad for the others. I know they're going to do well, I'm expecting a chart battle!


Which people were the most fun that you met on Popstars? The hear’say gang.


What do you think of reality TV since you started the craze with Popstars? Reality TV is getting a bit out of hand now, we started that craze and I hope that we get to see some light entertainment again at some point.


Have you watched any of the subsequent series of reality shows like X Factor? These days the sort of show we were on has changed. I don’t like the massive circus it has become and I don’t really watch X Factor because I just feel sorry for the contestants who should’ve been put through but weren’t because Simon Cowell, the absolute idiot that he is, decided not to put them through so he could boost his viewing figures.

Suzanne on her time in hear’say:

What was your best moment in hear’say? The Brit Awards, our first big gig.

What’s the best piece of fan mail that you were sent? When I went home (after the hear’say reveal) I received a really nice letter from a couple of girls who loves across the road. Then they made me loads of gifts and kept on bringing them all afternoon. It was really sweet.

Was it tough being in a high profile band? Looking back I found having to conform and not being myself difficult. We had our individual roles, but we also had to make sure we didn’t taint the name of the band. I love going out to clubs and having fun, but sometimes I couldn’t had to be careful what I said and did. As a solo artist, it’s easier.

Were you glad when the band split? Originally, no. But now it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. At the time I didn’t want to leave. It was a huge shock and I didn’t want to think about it, but the next day it was suddenly all over. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. But I had to understand what the others were going through, some were getting abuse and it was hard for them.

Were you upset when Kym left? I was gutted. I thought of her and Myleene as big sisters. I was upset and said a lot of things out of anger, but we get on now .Kym and I were the northern girls; we had the same upbringing and sense of humour, always telling it like it was. That’s what I miss most about the band, my friends.

How often are you asked about a feud between you and Kym? Every interview (she laughs) me and Kym speak, everything’s fine. She’s really happy at the moment, there’s no problem.

What about Johnny? He was a very good friend. I would have liked to make things work for his sake because I feel he deserved it. I hope things work out for him and the others too.

Was the split the hardest thing in your life? No, it would have to be the breakup of my parents. I was 14, but it didn’t sink in until college. It was hard when my stepdad came along, but we have a great relationship now. Growing up I would have liked to have spent more time with my Dad. He’s remarried which is great, and I’m becoming a daddy’s girl.

How has your life changed since being in hear’say? I feel stronger, deal with situations better and am a lot happier doing a job I love.

Do you regret auditioning for hear’say? I’ve no regrets at all; I’d still go for the audition tomorrow. We had an amazing time and amazing experiences. The best thing is that I have got best mates out of it, people that I can really trust.

Suzanne on her career:

What did you want to be when you were little? I wanted to be an actress, singer or dancer since I was little.

Who are your musical influences? Madonna, I know it’s a boring answer but she is.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career? My family.

What are the downsides to life as a celebrity? The back-stabbing by old friends, that's not nice. Also old boyfriends who sell their stories to the tabloids.

If you had to choose someone to do a duet with, who would it be? Madonna.

Was being in hear’say a help or a hindrance with your career? It’s a help because you get the opportunity to put in for better roles. You don’t have to go through the normal audition processes; you can do it more privately. People want you in their show to sell tickets so you are in with a chance of the lead role as opposed to secondary parts.

Did being in hear’say help your performance skills? Hear’say was a short part of what I did. I trained beforehand and trained a lot, so what hear’say gave me wasn’t what I needed for musical theatre. In the band you were part of a group of 5 now it’s just me so I can be myself.

You're getting quite well established in musical theatre now - is that where you see yourself going? It's something I really enjoy doing. But I like going to the studio, I like being on stage and I like being on the telly. I like everything; I like to do it all!

Is there a difference in playing huge 30,000 seat concert halls compared to intimate theatres? You get a similar reaction. It’s nice to perform to a small crowd, people want to watch the performance and see the story rather than scream over all the singing.

Where is your favourite performance venue so far? Well I’ve performed everywhere, but my favourite has gotta be Manchester as it’s my home town.

Does it compare to performing in hear’say? Well, you get a different reaction, and when people cheer and clap and the end you really feel like you have deserved it.

Is it strange when your fans ask for your autograph? It’s one of the most amazing things that this job does, to see my fans and see them wait for hours at the stage door and see how happy they are when I sign something for them. They are so loyal and I owe my fame to them. They stick by you and all it takes is 2 minutes to say hello and thank them for supporting me. They make the job worthwhile.

What do you want to be known as ultimately? I want to be known as a performer really, as I like doing everything, singing, dancing and acting. People always ask me what I want to do most but I can’t put my finger on it.

Suzanne on the press:

You get a lot of press attention, how do you deal with it? To be honest it comes as part of the job. You can't complain about it because one day you'll look out of the window and it won't be there and as a performer you do crave the attention of being talked about. You hate it when it's bad but you love it when it's good, but you can't have the good all the time, you've got to accept the bad.

What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever read about yourself? My family got a phone call saying that I'd committed suicide. Someone had put it on a news Web site, I think that's the weirdest thing I've ever read about myself.

That's awful. How did that affect your family? Luckily I got to speak to my mum before she saw it but the guy I was going out with at the time, I didn't get to speak to and he got a phone call saying ‘how do you feel about the fact your girlfriend has committed suicide?’ and he was like ‘WHAT?’ and made loads of phone calls to me!

Do you just not read it anymore? I don't take it personally….well saying that I do take it personally! It's hard because I still open the paper.

Does it amaze you that you see on the front of a magazine that there's an exclusive with you and it turns out to be someone who’s known you for 5 seconds? Yes it says ‘a close friend says’ and I think who's that?!

But you know who you can trust now? Absolutely, it's taken me quite a few years to find out and only this time round have I realised who my friends are and who are the people I can trust. It's taken me a long time to find my friends and the friends I've got are solid and they're here to stay.

Suzanne on health and beauty:

Do you wear makeup every day? Yes, for the job I have to. On my days off I try not to, but as I don't have any days off then yes! I wish I didn't have to wear it; I don't even go to the shops without makeup on in case I’m photographed.

What beauty products do you swear by? Anything I can get my hands on. I love ruby and Millie stuff.

Do you exercise much? I try to go to the gym every day; I’m getting to the point when I feel guilty when I don't go. You get addicted and it makes you feel so much better when you go- more vibrant.

What would you change about your appearance, if anything? I want to tone my bum up, and I hate my arms, I hate the top half of my body cos I’ve got big boobs, and I look broad and bulky, but I don't want to be flat chested. I want to come off my bum, thighs, and my arms.

Are you a generally healthy person? I get a cold once a year and it will last for months, apart from that I am quite healthy, I take vitamins and cod liver oil, chocolate is my downfall though!

Would you ever have plastic surgery? Not now but maybe when I’m older, I’d rather be happy with the way I look then miserable. So if I wanted a cheek job or nose job id have it!

Do you wear perfume if so which 1? I can never find a perfume that is exactly right for me, but I’m wearing Moschino, I also like Hugo boss women, for night time I wear ghost.

What is your beauty tip for looking good? Steaming your face, it works wonders.


Suzanne is currently busy working away at several projects including her upcoming role in the comedy horror film Neighbours from Hell.

Kym has just celebrated 10 amazing years walking the cobbles on Coronation Street. Her character Michelle Conner has become a fond fixture on our screens. Here's to many more happy years with Corrie!

Johnny and his lovely wife Lisa are busy teaching at their very own Dubai Performing Arts Academy. For more info and class details see

Huge congratulations to Danny and his gorgeous new wife Victoria who are now happily married! They are already busy touring all over the UK with their fantastic group The Big Soul Corporation. For dates see

Myleene is as busy as ever juggling numerous work projects and has just launched her fabulous 2016 swimwear range for Littlewoods. 

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