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Myleene on life:


What was your first pet? Two terrapins: Gilbert and Sullivan.


What's your guilty pleasure? Cheese, chilli jam and bad television.


When are you happiest? Eating chocolate and salsa (try it!)


Which superpower would you like to have? To extend time. I need more hours in the day....or more arms!


What ambition are you still to fulfil? To deliver a baby and learn Spanish.

If you had to be stuck in a lift with someone who would it be? Robbie Williams and Enrique Iglesias.

Wait a second, I said someone! OK Trevor McDonald...and Angus Deayton!

If you could meet any famous person in the world, who would it be? 

Sergei Rachmaninov (classical composer.)


Who would be your four perfect dinner party guests? Mozart, Oscar Wilde, Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo.

If you could be a fly on the wall at anyone's house, who would it be? It would have to be Richard and Judy's, Tony Blair or any passing tabloid journalist.

What's your ideal night out? Bubblegum shots in a club till 3am then a MacDonald’s.


If you only had £1 left in the world what would you buy? I'd buy a bar of chocolate with it! Yummy!

You've got £5 left in your pocket and you decide to by me a present, what would you get me? I'd get you a tub of Cookie Dough Dynamo Ice cream, a packet of Revels and ten Marlboro Lights.

You’re banished to a dessert island but you’re allowed to take 3 things with you, what would they be? A fridge, my mobile and my family.

Have any celebrity men tried to pull you? Yes (Laughs) but I'm not interested in dating a celebrity.

Who was it? Oh, I couldn't tell you.

Give us a clue. They're in the papers a lot.

Myleene on her family:

So what kind of mother are you? I’ve surprised myself by being stricter than I thought I’d be. When it comes to manners I am very tough. Sure, you have to put up with the tears and the tantrums that come with it, but what with travelling so much, Ava has had to learn how to behave on planes, in unfamiliar surroundings and in places like restaurants. We’ve all seen those parents who let their children run wild in restaurants and I didn’t want that to be my child.

Are you a make-and-bake kind of Mum or more of a cheat? I’m totally the cheat! It’s all about delegating. I am a hopeless cook. I don’t do kitchens. Look, play to your strengths, that’s what I say. I told the school, if you want X Factor tickets, I’m your Mummy but don’t ask me to bake! You asked me what sort of mother I am, I’m a chancer! I get most of it done, but only by the skin of my teeth! I’m also the antithesis of the pushy parent. I don’t want Ava to be on the stage or on the TV; I want her to be happy doing whatever it is she wants.

Myleene on her time in hear’say:

Which people were the most fun that you met on Popstars? The rest of the band.

What was your best moment in hear’say? Definitely playing at Twickenham for the rugby, the crowd was amazing and it was a wicked atmosphere plus our arena tour was a real achievement for us.

What was it like performing at the Royal Variety Performance for the Queen? I was privileged to be sharing the stage with such big names. Then leading the end song was a big thing for me, I was very flattered to be doing it.

What about the Duke of Edinburgh? You performed at his eightieth birthday celebrations? He didn't know who we were. He wanted to meet the Tiller Girls. But he told us we looked very fit. And when we had our picture taken with him I accidently stuck my microphone up his bum. He said, ‘Steady on, girl.’

What’s the best piece of fan mail that you were sent? They sent me my favourite perfume, but it was the day I ran out of my old one, so that was perfect. I couldn't believe they'd gone to so much trouble to find out what I wore.

What really happened when Kym left the band? It happened after rehearsals for our tour in February (2002). I knew she hadn't been entirely happy for a few months but she had perked up again. You forget, we shared a room and were the two older ones in the band.

So you were good friends then? Of course we were. It was more than friends. We stuck together. If there was stuff going on outside the band and people were criticising us, we stuck up for everyone. You couldn't get through us two.

When did you first notice she wasn't very happy? It wasn't one specific day. It was a gradual thing.

She never said outright ‘I'm not happy. I want to leave’? No, we never had that discussion.

So what happened next? After rehearsals, she seemed really happy. It was Thursday and she said to me and Suzanne ‘I'll probably see you on Tuesday. I'd love you guys to come round the new house for coffee.’ And then on Saturday our management called and said ‘Kym's left the band.’

What was your first reaction? I made a joke of it. Because there'd been some story in the paper the week before that I was leaving. I rang Kym and her phone was on voicemail, so I went out with some friends that night. The next day there was a story in the paper: ‘Myleene goes clubbing as Kym leaves the band.’ And I was like, ‘This can't be right.’ We tried to get hold of Kym. We couldn't even get hold of our manager because he was on holiday.

So what happened next? Nine days later, after reading headlines about me kicking Kym out, our manager came back and said, ‘She's left the band.’

How did that make you feel? It was the biggest blow.

Do you feel any bitterness towards Kym now? No, I just wish that she'd told me. Because there wouldn't be the stories there are. I'll take any criticism if it's fair but I didn't kick her out. Kym's a very strong character. You can't make her do anything she doesn't want to.

It sounds like you're both very similar. Maybe that was part of the problem?Maybe, we were living in each other's pockets and you have to take the good with the bad. She was feisty and I liked that.

Can you be a bitch though? I think anybody can be to a degree. The amount of time I wish I'd had a gun after reading somebody sold on me! (Laughs) I'm not perfect but I try to conduct myself in a way that means my mum's proud of me when she opens the paper.

Was Johnny's audition for the band a fix as it was reported in the papers? No way.

He used to dance for hear’say; did that give him a leg up? He only danced for us once. We've had about 200 dancers and all you get to say is ‘hi’ normally.

So he auditioned just like everyone else? Yes. I mean, I knew he was Lisa Scott Lee's boyfriend but what I like about him was he didn't try to use his contacts to get through the back door.

What about the stories that came out saying you and Johnny fell out over a ‘personality clash’? I have no idea! I mentioned it to Johnny and he was like, ‘what was all that about, mate?’

So it was all rubbish? Absolutely, we were laughing. He had only just joined the band. Why would we fall out?

What was the worst thing about being in hear'say? Being away from my family a lot. I always felt like I had to rush everything when I come back home. Like I got back from touring at midnight and my mum and dad were so excited that I was back in London that they drove over at 1am to see me, then I had to be up at seven the next day!

How has your life changed since being in hear'say? I'm very content, enjoying the challenges. What a job, doing what you love.

Myleene on her career:

What did you want to be when you were little? I always wanted to be involved in music, but mostly pop.

Who are your musical influences? Sting.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career? My family especially my dad, he has strong influences.

If you had to choose someone to do a duet with, who would it be? Sting or Anastacia.


If you could sit down and have a coffee with one great composer, who would it be? Mozart. No contest. He's the master of music and from historical accounts, quite a character! He could play the piano upside down and I can play it backwards so between us, the coffee morning would go with a bang.
How is your favourite ever radio interviewee or guest? Hans Zimmer. I got the chance to interview him at the piano and what should have been a 15-minute interview extended into over an hour of us chatting and playing excerpts of his genius.


What's your most embarrassing on-air moment? Going from an interview to the piano to play for a live show and tripping over the wedge. Cue a loud bang followed by total silence then a whimper.


What's your favourite snack when you're feeling a bit peckish in the Classic FM studio? An almond croissant...but I have to get in early as the team devour them like locusts and I miss out nearly all the time. I personally blame the holy trinity that is Titchmarsh, Llewelyn-Bowen and Crick.


If you could be a musical instrument, which would you be? A cello. It's my fave instrument of all time and it’s like me, mellow and robust. OK, maybe I'm not mellow, but I'm definitely robust!


Most memorable concert you attended? The first Classic BRITs I hosted. I grinned like the Cheshire Cat for most of it. I felt so proud and honoured - I can't believe I didn't combust on the spot from sheer excitement. I did however throw my earpiece at Jose Carresas! (Long story...)

Myleene on fashion:


How many pairs of shoes do you own? I’ve got millions of shoes! My shoes are all over the place, at my place, at my mum and dad's and even at my mates’ houses!


Do you get any fab freebies? I get the best of both worlds, I get free posh shoes for shoots or premieres but I can't walk anywhere in them! When I'm not working I slip on my trainers!


What about men’s shoes? It's not only girls who have to wear nice shoes. It would put me off if a guy wore loafers or socks with sandals!


Is there anything in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without? My Myleene Klass for Littlewoods underwear! Like anything in life if you’re not supported from the foundations up, the rest will fall apart!


Who are your bikini style icons? No one can beat Ursula Andress (famous bond girl.) Her image is ingrained in modern minds.


What advice would you give to women when buying a bikini? Don’t be frightened. There’s a shape for everyone. You must buy the right size though and try different styles.


What are your top tips for feeling confident in swimwear? Stand tall, shoulders back, own it! It feels extremely vulnerable to walk out in next to nothing in public, so make sure you give yourself the best chance. Go for a shape and colour that makes you feel good and try to learn to be proud of your body. Try to remember to show off the bits you do like rather than worrying about the bits you don’t.


Who do you design for? I design for myself, my friends and my Mum. I design for the women around me, real women who want their clothes to look amazing and in turn make them feel incredible. I’m not trying to be controversial in my designs; I’m trying to create pieces that women will wear time and time again because they love them so much.


Do you design with women of all body shapes in mind? I certainly try to. I try to include all shapes from bodycon to A-line in my designs. Size wise my range goes up to a size 26. My aim is to not have women feel intimidated by the styles but excited by them. My own shape has changed dramatically throughout the years from both weight gain and having babies so I know what it feels like to not know your own body or feel confident in it despite what other people say. If you’re not comfortable or confident in what you are wearing it can affect everything. 


Suzanne is currently busy working away at several projects including her upcoming role in the comedy horror film Neighbours from Hell.

Kym has just celebrated 10 amazing years walking the cobbles on Coronation Street. Her character Michelle Conner has become a fond fixture on our screens. Here's to many more happy years with Corrie!

Johnny and his lovely wife Lisa are busy teaching at their very own Dubai Performing Arts Academy. For more info and class details see

Huge congratulations to Danny and his gorgeous new wife Victoria who are now happily married! They are already busy touring all over the UK with their fantastic group The Big Soul Corporation. For dates see

Myleene is as busy as ever juggling numerous work projects and has just launched her fabulous 2016 swimwear range for Littlewoods. 

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