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Noel on life:


Who do you most admire in the world? My Mum.

What’s your idea of happiness? Time with family and friends.


What quality do you most value in a friend? Trust.


What's the best advice you've been given? ‘Take everything with a pinch of salt because things can be taken away as quickly as they've been given.’


Do you read your horoscope? Yes, but I only believe it if it suits me.

How would you like to die? Peacefully in my sleep.

If you could come back from the dead what would you be? A dolphin.


Are you tidy or messy? I've always been tidy but now the job is mental, I'm messy.


Are you sporty? I hate sport with a passion. I used to like peculiar sports, like trampolining, but I don't like ball games and I don't like running.


What's the most you've spent on an item of clothing? £250 on a jacket.


What would you change about your appearance, if anything? I'd get a bit fitter.


Do you prefer male or female company? It depends what mood I'm in.


What's the longest you've spent getting ready for a night out? About an hour.


What would be your ideal night out? A tapas bar, then clubbing.

What would be your ideal night in? Cook a nice meal and watch a film.

Who would you spend it with? All my mates.

What's the worst lyrics you've ever heard? ‘I can't live without my phone/ But I don't even have a home’ from Mel C, If That Were Me.

What would you ban if you could? Bad pop bands.

Noel on his school days

What was your best subject at school? Spanish or biology

What was your worst subject? Maths


Were you cool at school? No, I was the singing dweeb boy!

What's the naughtiest thing you did? Just being late and not doing my homework


Number of school detentions? Loads, for not doing homework

Did you get good reports? Yes, but I never really worked, I just fluked all my exams!

Noel on his career:


What did you want to be when you were little? An astronaut, I really thought that one day I'd go into space. Then a pilot, then I wanted to do musical theatre, but I've always sung.


What are the downsides to life as a celebrity? The early mornings!


What drew you to musical theatre? Well I grew up in a musical household, my grandmother was a classical musician so that was a strong operatic influence but my mum was a soul/funk girl so I found a happy medium there with musical theatre. It was an achievable career path for me growing up and it always seemed something you could do and make money from so my focus was on that.


How do you feel about hear’say as a saga in your career? Yeah I mean, now I look back on it with fond memories, at the time it was such an intense process that you can’t really digest it all as its happening. Every day is a full 14 hour day and you’re so busy. The period immediately afterwards adjusting to life again was really tricky but you know with good time and good support and a bit of focus on what you really want to do you get through that sticky patch.


10 years looking back what were the highlights? America was definitely a highlight for me, performing in Vegas, and then ‘We Will Rock You’ actually, oh and ‘Grease’ as well in the West End. I saw Grease when I was 16, I remember seeing, I think it was Shane Ritchie, play Danny and just thinking it was a great show. So to be part of that down the line and to realise that I’d finally achieved my ambition was quite a moment to me. But then with We Will Rock You it takes it to the next step, which is one of the hardest musical theatre things that there is, so to win a role like that, coming from where I’m coming from I’m quite proud of that.


Which of the roles you have played have you felt most in tune with? I think for me it’s Gallileo in We Will Rock You, just because scale of role is enormous, and to be invested in it for 14 months as well which is the longest contract I’ve ever had. The journey that Gallileo has is definitely the most taxing as an actor because he starts as this weird, freaky kid that can’t make sense of himself and makes the journey to rock-star so it’s quite a wide arc to travel. Whereas the others I’ve played have been smaller roles but also quite stylised, when I played Danny Zuko there’s a certain way that’s expected to play so the audience knows how it goes but with Gallileo they’ve definitely given me free reign to find the character for myself which is lovely.


Favourite Song in We Will Rock You? I love ‘Under Pressure’, it’s ridiculously difficult to sing but it’s ultimately satisfying when you get to the end of it, and then ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ is a highlight for me. Then the finale of the show is amazing, ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘We Are the Champions’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody; back-to-back, it doesn’t really get better than that.


Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Sometimes I’m scared to say it out loud because it sounds ridiculous. So if I just say that I’ll still want to be working in my current field but in a better place then I’ll leave it there and we’ll see. We’ll see where I get to, but I do have some high hopes, and some crazy ambitions.

Noel on Romance:


Are you romantic? Yes


Most snogs in one night? A couple...


What’s the cringiest thing you've done at a party? Being sick in front of people is always bad...


Are you a flirt? Yeah I’m terrible and I can’t help it! It’s a bit naughty of me though, cos I’d never do anything about it.


Do you go out clubbing? When I was in Ibiza I was out all the time.
There’s this lovely terrace garden at Pasha, which was brilliant.


What kind of girl turns your head? They have got to have a personality that is the most important thing for me, not really that bothered about looks.


What is your biggest turn off? Someone who has no personality.


Would you ever date a fan? Never say never as they say!

Have you ever had your heart broken? No I’ve been lucky in that respect.


Have you ever 2 timed a girl? Nope I’ve never done that and there’s no way I’d ever do that!


What’s your perfect party pulling routine? Corny chat up lines are not the way forward. Going up and dancing with someone is the best way.


What’s the worst chat up line you’ve heard? ‘I saw you cry on TV’


What’s your top tip on pulling you?
How embarrassing! I guess the girl just has to be herself.


Suzanne is currently busy working away at several projects including her upcoming role in the comedy horror film Neighbours from Hell.

Kym has just celebrated 10 amazing years walking the cobbles on Coronation Street. Her character Michelle Conner has become a fond fixture on our screens. Here's to many more happy years with Corrie!

Johnny and his lovely wife Lisa are busy teaching at their very own Dubai Performing Arts Academy. For more info and class details see

Huge congratulations to Danny and his gorgeous new wife Victoria who are now happily married! They are already busy touring all over the UK with their fantastic group The Big Soul Corporation. For dates see

Myleene is as busy as ever juggling numerous work projects and has just launched her fabulous 2016 swimwear range for Littlewoods. 

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