Kym Marsh

Full Name: Kimberley Gail Marsh
Date of birth: 13th June 1976

Place of Birth: Whiston Hospital, Knowsley

Lives: Manchester
Star sign: Gemini

Status: Recently divorced from soap actor Jamie Lomas
Family: Mum, Pauline. Dad, Dave. Brothers, David and Jonathan. Sister, Tracy
Children: David Ryan Cunliffe born April 1995 and Emilie May Cunliffe born November 1997 with Dave Cunliffe. Archie (Deceased) and Polly born 23rd March 2011 with Jamie Lomas. Stepson Billy Lomas
Height: 5ft 4inches
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Natural, Brown
Shoe Size: 5
Distinguishing marks: Beauty spot just above lip, birthmark on thumb and several tattoo’s
Worst habit: Sleeps with the TV and lights on

Pet Hate: Smoking inside the house and queuing

Superstitions: I try to read my horoscopes every day just to see if anything comes true

Favourite Things


Colour: Black and Red

Band’s: The Carpenters, The Jackson 5

Song: Back For Good, Take That or Top Of the World by The Carpenters

Singer’s: LeAnn Rimes, Madonna, Anastacia

Actors: Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet
Film’s: Silence of the Lambs, Meet Joe Black and The Green Mile

Disney film: 101 Dalmatians

Book: The BFG, Roald Dahl

T.V Show: Coronation Street

Cartoon character: Bart Simpson

Expression: Got any pies?
Football team: Manchester United

Food: Pie and mash or a good curry

Fruit: Grapes

Sweets: Minstrels and popping candy

Crisp flavour: Cheese and onion

Pizza topping: Ham & mushroom with extra cheese
Sandwich filling: Tuna, sweet corn and mayonnaise

Place: Home

Part of her body: My back, it's got a brilliant tattoo on it
Part of a man’s body: The chest, I like a nice, comfy chest


Heroes And Villain’s

My Family
The Band
Robbie Williams
Sir Alex Ferguson

The Press


Memory: My Auntie Dyliss used to have really long fingernails and I remember having a book open and I used to go along the words with her fingernail when I was about three or four.

Record: Hangin' Tough by New Kids on the Block.

Poster on bedroom wall: New Kids on the Block.


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Myleene is as busy as ever juggling numerous work projects and has just launched her fabulous 2016 swimwear range for Littlewoods. 

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